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Sometimes called “the heart of China," the majestic Yangtze River neatly divides China into north and south. As the world's longest river, the Yangtze passes through eight separate provinces as it winds its 6,000-kilometre route from the glaciers of Tibet to Shanghai. On its way to Shanghai, the Yangtze is joined by about 700 tributaries. China tour packages often include a cruise through the famous and awe-inspiring Three Gorges of the Yangtze, which takes China travellers through some of the most beautiful natural and man-made sites in China. Select from a variety of options of three- or four-night cruises through the passages, or choose a smaller boat to carry you through the Lesser Three Gorges of the DaningRiver. With clear water flowing through and peaks with green vegetation, the trip through the Lesser Three Gorges offers a spectacular and exciting water adventure in its own right.


The Three Gorges Dam sits at Sandouping, just below Xiling Gorge. An important part of China’s sustainable energy plan, this 3.2-kilometre walled dam is designed to generate over 80 TWh per year for Shanghai and the lower Yangtze basin. The dam also serves to control floods on the river system and to improve navigation on the river course.

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