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Shanghai is the largest city in the world by population in city proper. The city proper, which occupies 750 square kilometres, is strategically situated on the banks of the Huangpu near the mouth of the Yangtze.


Shanghai became a town of importance in the 13th century when it was named a county seat. Tourists can still see old Shanghai, or the OldTown, which, until the early part of the 20th century had its own wall. The colonial legacy of Shanghai is a particularly complex. 19th century treaties gave up large areas of the city to the British, the French and, later, the Americans. Modern day Shanghai bears many visible signs of colonial influence, including suburban English and French villas, and the Liverpool-style waterfront that seamlessly marries European style with a Chinese setting. The newly opened Economic Development Zone of Pudong is situated close to the city proper, occupying 518 square kilometres. Within this new area is the Free Trade Zone of Waigaoqiao Bonded Area, which generates billions of dollars from both Chinese and foreign investors.


Today, Shanghai is a global epicentre of industry, commerce, technology, finance, transportation and communications. Known as a nightless city, many shops open for business nightlong, under flashing neon lights. It’s no wonder that this city attracts so many travellers from all around the world. This cosmopolitan city is a must-see on a tour to China from Canada, where people can experience Chinese society of the past and present.

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