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Located in the western part of China's central HenanProvince, Luoyang is one of China's seven ancient capitals. Comprising six city districts and eight counties, Luoyang occupies 15,492 square kilometres, with a total population of 6.16 million. Luoyang served as the capital of China for nine dynasties over a period of more than 1,500 years. 96 emperors from the prehistoric Xia Dynasties, through the Shang, the Western and Eastern Zhous, the Cao Wei, the Sui, the later Liang, the later Tang and the later Jin established their seat of power here. As an ancient administrative centre, Luoyang has had a significant influence on China's cultural heritage and possesses many historical sites. Although political upheavals in the 20th century destroyed some of its grand historical heritage, Luoyang still retains many significant ancient landmarks that draw China tours to this day.

In and around Luoyang, China travellers will find the WhiteHorseTemple, the first Buddhist temple in China, and the Longmen Grottoes, renowned as a treasure house of Buddhist culture and art. Luoyang is also famous for its natural beauty, which draws many tourists to the area.

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