Chinapac: Cash, ATM, Credit Cards & Traveller's Cheques for Laos

How can I access money in Laos?

You can find ATMs throughout Vientiane and other major cities like Luang Prabang, Vang Ving and Tha Khaek. Credit cards are accepted by the largest banks, but are subject to a surcharge. Other banks, travel agents and guest houses allow cash advances, usually in US dollars, and charge a fee (about 3%) before converting to kip at a lower rate.


Traveler’s cheques are not recommended in Laos. It may be best to bring cash in US dollars have it exchanged to kip upon arrival. Exchange booths are also available in some tourist areas but not in remote or rural towns. Always plan ahead, as ATMs and exchange centers may be hard to find or unavailable in some locations.


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