Chinapac: Cash, ATM, Credit Cards & Traveller's Cheque for Thailand

What currency can I use in Thailand? Where can I get it?

Thai Baht are accepted everywhere in the country. Currency exchange booths are readily available around Bangkok and the rest of Thailand.


Will my credit or debit card work in Thailand?

Many major credit and debit cards are accepted in most establishments and shopping centers, but there are occasionally additional fees from both the retailer and your card provider. You should have no problem paying with Visa or MasterCard in Thai cities.


What about traveller’s cheques?

Traveler’s cheques can be cashed at most banks in Thailand, though rarely at retail establishments.


Should I bring a lot of cash on my Thai tour, then?

No. There is no need to bring a lot of cash into Thailand, or carry it around with you. You can get Thai Baht from the ATM machines using major credit/debit cards, and ATM machines are plentiful. As an added convenience for Canadian and US travelers, Thai ATMs offer service in English as well as Thai.

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